Get more from your

cashless vending solution


  • Accept credit, debit, prepaid, campus cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay

  • Take advantage of two-tier pricing

  • Use secure gateways with transparent billing and daily deposits

  • Access the most robust management system in the industry




Increase Sales and Profits

Cashless vending payments lead to larger and more frequent purchases and reduce consumer resistance to vend prices. Get yours today and start selling more!



Transparent billing and daily deposits

Enjoy the transparency of an efficient billing system. Your cashless vending card reader is backed by daily deposits and only get charged once a month. It’s your money, you should have it available ASAP.




More payment choices for your consumers

From credit and debit cards to mobile payments and cash, your customers can pay however they want. Keep your customers coming back.



Access Parlevel’s Robust VMS and Customer Service

Accepting cashless vending payments is just the beginning of the benefits of working with Parlevel. Enjoy access to Parlevel’s state-of-the-art services.


More ways to pay and to get rewarded. Happy customers, thriving business.

We move mountains to make sure you always get the help you need to be successful. Your cashless vending card reader lets you take advantage of the #1 customer support service in the industry.




Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

• Access your transactions statements and deposit history
• Receive sales deposits daily
• Once a day payment processing to avoid interruptions
• Once a month billing instead of weekly

Parlevel Growth Capital: Finance your cashless vending readers without breaking the bank

Easy Financing, no money down, and fixed affordable payments. Finance 100% of the equipment your need to grow your business. Parlevel Capital is more than the usual financing plan for your credit card readers.