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VMS (revised)

Vending Management

Parlevel delivers the insights and features you need to streamline servicing your vending machines. Regardless of the age of your machines, Parlevel provides the complete visibility you need to optimize your business.


You will be delivering the product your machines need, when they need it. All while dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes to service your vending machines and minimizing spoilage in-transit. Best of all, your customers will never run out of the products they love and will appreciate your level of service.

Intelligent Route Optimization

Prekitting is only the beginning. Intelligent route optimization helps you do more with less. Consolidate your routes and grow your business without the need to hire. Some of our customers have seen up to a 2x increase in vending machine servicing efficiency, effectively helping them optimize their business without the need to hire new personnel.

Automated Reconciliation

Parlevel automatically alerts you to cash discrepancies, enabling you to identify and solve problems faster than ever before.

OCS Management

For many operators, office coffee management (OCS) is a growing and profitable part of their business. It
helps them increase customer loyalty and retention if properly managed. But OCS has a host of challenges. Parlevel’s OCS management solution transforms your OCS operation into a paperless model of efficiency, helping drive customer retention and profitability.

Go Paperless

With mobile access for you, your drivers and your customers, Parlevel turns OCS into a completely paperless operation. Clients can reorder products anytime from any web browser, operators can generate invoices and deliver them via email, and drivers can confirm product shipments and secure customer signatures on site from their mobile devices.

Real-time Equipment and Inventory Management

Parlevel delivers real-time insights into your OCS operation, enabling to track orders, track service delivery routes and monitor inventory. And because more and more customers are choosing to lease OCS equipment, Parlevel also helps you track, deliver, and invoice leased equipment seamlessly.

Integrated VMS and OCS

Parlevel’s VMS and OCS modules work seamlessly together, enabling you to create, monitor and manage mixed vending and OCS routes.

OCS (revised)
Warehouse (revised)

Warehouse Management

Managing your inventory is one of the keys to keeping costs low and increasing your overall profits. Parlevel’s Warehouse Management module puts the tools in your hands to help track product and combat excess inventory.

Streamlined Ordering

Parlevel helps you track your inventory by supplier and provides detailed reports that speed up the process of reordering inventory to meet customer demand. View an online version of your suppliers’ catalogs and automatically generate orders based on up-to-date inventory levels.

Accurate Receivables

Parlevel helps you scan and receive inventory in a fraction of the time it takes to receive inventory manually. Automatically reconciles orders with inventory received, and get alerts to any discrepancies.

Faster Prekitting

Parlevel’s warehouse modules takes prekitting to the next level by organizing products by totes for faster order picking and loading. Parlevel can even provide a flatscreen solution that enables multiple drivers to efficiently pick orders at the same time for multiple routes. As orders are picked, inventory on hand is automatically deducted.

Mobile Friendly

Parlevel’s cloud-based solution delivers anywhere, anytime access on any device that has a web browser. Delivery personnel can access Parlevel in the field to update route activity throughout the day. Operators can access Parlevel to monitor route activity in real time, run easy to use analytics, or dive into detailed data. Best of all, Parlevel’s mobile access eliminates costly and error-prone double entry of route activity, ensuring the data you analyze is accurate and error free.

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Parlevel works with all leading telemetry providers like USA Technologies, CoinCo, InOne, Crane or any device that uses Open VDI. Our team of field service technicians will work with you to install these devices across your business ensuring that you have complete visibility of your entire operation.

Ongoing, Expert Support

Nothing is more frustrating than buying a solution and not getting the help you need to ensure it delivers a return on your investment. That’s why Parlevel supports you every step of the way, from installation to training to ongoing support. Our team of experts are a phone call or chat away. When you do reach out to us, there will always be a real person on the other end of the line committed to helping you any way that they can.

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